Office Clearance

You wouldn’t think that a busy Glasgow office would accumulate a lot of waste and junk, but it does! You might not even notice this happening until it’s time to relocate or renovate, or if you decide to move things about a bit for a new workplace layout. Then all of a sudden, you notice the old furniture that’s past its use-by date (you know – broken parts, frayed upholstery, wonky castors), the old computers and other electronic bits that have been just left in the corner there to be dealt with at some point, the wonky storage shelves and the redundant filing cabinets (does anyone actually used index card filing systems any more?). You’ve only got a limited window of time to move things from A to B so you don’t lose too much productivity while shifting things about, so now what are you going to do?

The easiest way to deal with your office junk is to call on Junk Boss’s office clearance services. We’ve got an enthusiastic team of professional rubbish and junk removal experts who will turn up when you need them to and will get rid of everything that you don’t want. This makes things super easy if you’re relocating – you just take the equipment that you want and you can leave the rest behind for the Junk Boss team to deal with.

It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

Responsible Office Waste Disposal

We know that it’s important to consider the environment when disposing of waste of any type. You probably already have a system in place for disposing of your day to day office waste that includes recycling (especially for things like cardboard and paper). However, during the more extensive waste handling procedures involved in office clearance, keeping the three Rs in mind is even more important. Rest assured: Junk Boss s team members are fully trained in sorting through your trash and ensuring that everything will be disposed of responsibly:

  • Reduce and Reuse: You might not want those old shelves or that rather battered table, but there could be an entrepreneur (or a school or a non-profit organisation) looking for good second-hand office furniture just like that. The Junk Boss team will run an eye over your office junk and ensure that anything that’s good enough to be useful for someone else will be taken to a thrift store or similar so it can find a new home.
  • Recycle: Quite a lot of office waste is recyclable, as least in part, including those old PCs running on a Windows XP platform, the fax machine nobody uses any more seeing as scanning and emailing is so easy, and the broken photocopier machine – plus all those old cables and wires that you don’t need thanks to wireless technology for everything. E-waste and other recyclable office waste such as glass, cardboard, metal, plastic, paper and more will be taken to recycling stations so that the component materials of your office junk can be put to a new use.

Any other office waste that we pick up while removing the clutter from your workplace that can’t be reused or recycled will be taken to one of those waste to energy facilities that Glasgow seems to have plenty of so that what was rubbish can be used to generate electricity – and keep your office working!