Our Pricing


We provide custom prices, when we see the junk. We don’t charge for congestion charge and we don’t charge for call outs. We always provide free, no obligation quotes. If the price is accepted, our teams work on the spot. Please have a look at the prices here, and if you are not sure how much will cost your rubbish to be collected, send us some photos and we will let you know.

Minimum Load

Labour 5 Min
2 Bin Bags

1/2 Skip

Labour 20 Min
20 Bin Bags

Full Load (2Skips)

Labour 60 Min
80 Bin Bags

1/8 Skip

Labour 10 Min
5 Bin Bags

Half Load (1 Skip)

Labour 30 Min
40 Bin Bags

1/4 Skip

Labour 15 Min
10 Bin Bags

1 1/2 Skip

Labour 45 Min
65 Bin Bags